Brown Sugar Bear, the younger: Often referred to as “Big Sugar Bear” or “Big, Fat Sugar Bear,” he is much bigger than either of his siblings. He likes to live in the kitchen (where all of the food is) and make humorous japes at the expense of whoever is present. Like his brother, he also likes to play the slide-flute.

Brown Sugar Bear Has a split personality. His other personality’s name is Bearsghetti. Bearsghetti is an insane Italian chef who makes nothing but a dish that he, quite aptly, calls “Bearsghetti”. How to make “Bearsghetti”: Take one or more bear(s). Use large butcher's knife or cleaver to chop bear meat into thin spaghetti-like strips. Serve immediately. His method of serving is to grab a heaping paw-full and cram it into your mouth. If this causes you to throw up, he will say “Oh, you must-a want some more bearsghetti! Here-a you go!” and proceed to do it again. If there are no other bears around he will chop himself up and serve himself to you. Bearsghetti currently lives on the pirate ship where the captain calls him “Bar-be-cue”.
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