About Fuzzy Fuzzy Bears.com
Some time ago I, my dad, and one of my brothers decided that we wanted to start an online comic strip based on the games and stories we made up about our toys . Unfourtunatly, we had disagreements over things like minor character points, who would draw the comics, and scheduling conflicts. My brother dropped out first, and my dad decided that since I came up with the name and had already drawn some comics, that the whole web site was mine.
  Since then, I’ve been putting up seasonal pictures and making descriptive profile pages for each of our bears. well, anyway, the bears all seem happy enough about the whole thing.
Where Did the name come from?
Whenever Dad got sick of my brother and myself playing noisily with our bears he would often yell “Stop playing fuzzy fuzzy bears!”. So, when the question of what to call the website came up the answer was obvious.
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