Whitey S. Bear
The many facets of Whiteys
Whitey is originally Canadian, from somewhere around Ontario. A great renaissance bear, Whitey is a pilot with the Royal Canadian Bearforce (bear air force), the engineer responsible for designing the life support systems for the underground bear colony on Mars, the DJ and manager of K-PUF Pirate Telecommunications (originally a traveling pirate radio ‘station,’ which was later expanded to include TV as well), the proprieter and mixer for The Personality Shoppe, and of course Puffy’s mommy bear. She also has a few occasional side interests. For example, she likes to trick Fudgy into things like getting his head stock in things, putting on a straw hat, and selling tickets to passersby while yelling “Spectacle! Spectacle, only a dollar a ticket! Come and see!”

Whitey speaks in a third-bear (like third person) and refers to herself as The Bear, partially because her last name is Bear and partially because she’s pretty egotistical. She also, somewhat randomly, spouts phrases like “gorgeous Bear!” and “perfect Bear!,” mostly when she wants attention.

She came to the U.S.A when Santa Claus scooped her up and plopped her into a house with a bunch of toys, just in time to have Puffy.

The Mysterious Bear:
One day, Whitey found an armrest cover that looked somewhat like a cowl when she wore it. So, she decided to become a superhero in her spare time. Like most superheroes, nobody can recognize her when she wears the ‘cowl.’ Actually, Grandpa and Grandma Bear know it’s her, but they play along in order to avoid spoiling her fun.

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