Puffy S. Bear
Puffy Christ:
Puffy was born on Christmas, and being the silly cub that she was, (and still is) she decided that she was the true savior. Her silly self-made religion (Puffstianity) has been slowly growing ever since.

Officer Puffy Bear:
After exhausting nearly every other occupation, Puffy joined the highway patrol. Unfortunately, this caused her to become corrupt, duplicitous, and hopelessly addicted to doughnuts. When Whitey and Chocolate made her realize her downfall she resigned and joined the local Police force instead. From there Puffy became a deputy. Now Puffy leads an honorable career as a U.S Marshal. She still likes doughnuts way too much.
Puffy the Thespian:
Her career as an entertainer is almost parallel to that of Chocolate. However, in an alternate dimension she was briefly known as “Zooey The Clown”, something about which she will never know. In the vaudeville act she plays the part of “Miss Smith”.
Puffy the U.P Graduate:
When Chocolate decided to attend the University of Perversion (aka Pervert University, PU, or UP), he asked Puffy if she wanted to come too. Puffy thought it sounded like fun and, to the woe of their parents, earned a doctorate in perversion and graduated with dishonors.
Puffy and Chocolate:
Puffy met Chocolate when she was still a naive innocent. They became quick friends and Puffy soon became as rude, crude, obnoxious, and funny as Chocolate. Since then, they have shared many exploits and adventures. Dawn thinks they should marry and so does Whitey, even though she blames Chocolate for dirtying Puffy’s mind. Puffy and Chocolate vehemently disagree and are disgusted by the very thought.

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