Little Sugar Bear

Brown Sugar Bear (the elder):
Even though he is the older of the Brown Sugar Bear brothers, he is much smaller. He is often referred to as Little Sugar Bear. Shortly after he was born, Brown Sugar Bear invented “age freezing” and froze his physical age - but not his ability to age mentally (get smarter). Brown Sugar Bear is about 217 bear-years old. Another one of Brown Sugar Bear’s inventions is his famous custom designed shields (a combination energy/magic shield), which no one these days is ever without. Brown Sugar Bear is a well respected scientist, and enjoys playing his slide-flute. Brown Sugar Bear greatly dislikes what he calls “greasy little children” with “squirmy worm-like little fingers.” This caused children to nickname him "Prissy Bear." Brown Sugar Bear is famous for having the world's softest and most fluffy fur. Before he invented his first shield, he lived in three layers of plastic bags to protect himself from “slimy brats.” Puffy and Chocolate convinced him to join their vaudeville act as “Mister Jones.”

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