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Chocolate was born on new year’s Day. Chocolate is known to have the biggest ego; his ego once vanquished Whitey’s ego in a battle to fill the universe with one’s own ego. whitey lost because she loves puffy more than herself, whereas Chocolate loves no-one more than himself. Chocolate prides himself on wittily insulting and provoking others and also on stealing elements of other bears’ personalities or even “sampling” from Whitey’s personality shoppe.

Patriotic Chocolate:
 Chocolate is a very patriotic bear, but only in the truest sense of the word. He is highly incensed by false patriotism (something there is a definite overabundance of nowadays) and although he may be too young to be the President, he runs for office every election.

Chocolate the Thespian:
 Chocolate has been in several short movies over the years with Puffy as his co-star. When it’s a musical they take on the personas of “Fred Abear & Ginger Puffster” And when it’s a normal movie they take on the personas of “George and Liz” He is also involved in a vaudeville act as “Mister Interlocutor” Chocolate briefly had a career in music with Puffy when they started making records out of “crust” (dried bear excrement) and playing them at Whitey’s radio station.

Chocolate the Revolutionary:
 Before Chocolate came, only ethereal creatures and creatures that used objects possessing magical powers (magic rings, magic potions, magic scrolls, etc.) were able to cast spells and things of the like. Chocolate thought that this was an unfair thing. So, despite the loud complaints and many counter-spells cast against him to make him stop, Chocolate eventually got all of the other animals to join him. Puffy was the first to join him.

Chocolate the Freudian Psychiatrist:
 When Chocolate completed his cubhood education, he was accepted to the University of Perversion (aka Pervert University, PU, or UP) where he earned a doctorate in perversion. He then donned the persona of Dr. Chocolate, the Freudian Psychiatrist and started a local practice. Today he also has a treatment facility in the Belgian Congo and is the Head Psychiatrist of the Brown Sugar Cousin Imperial Insane Asylum.

Chocolate, aka His Holiness The Poop:
 Shortly after Puffy Met Chocolate, She decided that he should be an apostle of “Puffy Christ”. And after the Stidonufication Chocolate became “Poop Chocolate I”.

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