Cocoa Bon

Cocoa Bon:
Also known as “Builder Bear,” Cocoa Bon is a handybear (get it? Handyman, handybear...). He likes to build and repair things, mostly using carpentry. He's been known to use his nose as a hammer. Nobody ever says anything mean about Cocoa Bon for two reasons. One: a nicer bear you’ll never meet. Two: if anyone so much as looks cross-eyed at him all of the other bears will be angry at them. Cocoa Bon is the kind of a bear who makes a new friend every time he meets someone. Also, Cocoa Bon likes being given big, squashy hugs a lot - often saying "Don't spare the bear!" Although he is a very social bear, nobody seems to know anything about his past - with the possible exception of Cocoa Bear, who figures that it’s nobody’s business.

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